Mortar Repair


Mortar Repair

Mortar Repair Boston
Your masonry structures face deterioration over time, and mortar reinforcements are a must at regular intervals. The mortar joints may develop cracks and threaten the structural integrity of a structure. We, at Skylight Roofing and Masonry, understand the perils of faulty mortar joints and offer expert mortar repair services at affordable prices. Our mortar repair guarantees protection from undesirable water leakage through brick and mortar structures.

Our trained professionals have vast experience in tuck pointing and re-pointing. You can use tuck pointing if you want an aesthetic fix for your mortar joints. We will ensure smooth removal of old mortar from joints and install new, closely color-matched mortar in its place. If your brick structure has undergone decay, re-pointing is the best solution. We will carefully renew mortar joints to remove weathering, voids, and cracks.

We offer our mortar repair services out of Boston, and serve the surrounding areas. You can trust us for all kinds of mortar repairs.

Brick Repairs & Mortar Restoration
Timely diagnosis and repair of brick decay and damage are crucial to ensure the safety of a brick and mortar construction. At Skylight Roofing and Masonry, we specialize in identifying brick and mortar damage. We have a wealth of over 20 years of experience in brick and mortar work and a knack for delivering outstanding repairs.

Our expert professionals carefully examine your property and work with you in close collaboration to restore brick and mortar structures. We completely transform your brick damages and deeply restore the mortar holding the bricks together. We add several layers of mortar to improve the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.

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